This section shows how to manage the API basket.

Usually when you add products to your basket, these products will not go off-line or will not be reserved in our warehouse because the user can leave products in their basket for weeks before completing the order.

This rule doesn't count for the API basket.

The API basket is created to be the end point of an order. The idea is that you receive an order in your store and automatically forward this order to our back-office by putting the product in the API basket. We will take this product off line and reserve this product specially for you. With this method nobody else can order the reserved product.

These products will remain in your basket until you complete check-out/confirmation procedure.

An automatic confirmation for all pending orders is set at 00:00 CET on every Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday for items uploaded in the basket the previous day (in case of orders placed during the weekend – from 00:00 Friday to 23:59:59 CET Sunday – they will be automatically confirmed on Monday at 00:00 CET).

Up to this time it will be possible to integrate, modify or cancel the products inside the API basket without charges.

Of course all activities will be monitored in order to prevent abnormal behaviour in our warehouse and orders.

Besides the product also the details of the end consumer will be added to the API basket.

This allows you to follow the progress and shipment in the special API back office.

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